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Patient Testimonials for Dr. George S. Naseef

Dr. George S. Naseef has been honored with the Compassionate Doctor Award by Vitals.com for seven years between 2009 – 2018. His commitment to “treating patients with the utmost kindness” is reflected in the thoughtful reviews left behind by Dr. Naseef’s patients. For example, Kurt Goldstein of Google Reviews writes, “It is with great pleasure that I write this review on behalf of Dr. George Naseef. His kindness and compassion for my unique situation were a welcome relief from the treatment of others from years before. He was (and is) both the voice and advocate for those who suffer daily and was relentless in his pursuit to end my suffering.”

In fact, as of 11/20/2018, Dr. Naseef is one of the few orthopedic surgeons in the nation to have achieved a 5.0-star rating on Google Reviews and a 4.8-star rating on Healthgrades.

However, this isn’t a coincidence. As a practitioner of minimally invasive spine surgery for over 20 years, Dr. Naseef is both compassionate and results-driven. Using the latest advancements in spine surgery to ensure that his patients receive the utmost in care, Dr. Naseef returns his patients to health with less postoperative pain, more effective surgical outcomes, and faster recovery times than doctors who opt for traditional, open back surgeries.

Renowned for his superior skill in resolving chronic neck and back pain, Dr. Naseef specializes in both common and obscure spine conditions. Whether you suffer from a lumbar herniated disc or your condition requires complex spinal reconstructive surgery, Dr. Naseef is equipped with the latest methods to resolve your pain.

In addition to fulfilling your routine spine needs, Dr. George Naseef also serves as a regional referral source for patients who have previously undergone an unsuccessful spine procedure.

Have you been looking for a doctor who is truly “relentless in his pursuit to end your suffering” from chronic back pain? If so, contact Dr. Naseef today to experience the difference!

Excellent Doctor: No BS

Dr. Naseef handled my issue with extreme competence. He wasted no time on B.S.; nor did he recommend unnecessary surgery. I would recommend him to friends and family anytime.

Best doctor I have ever known!

It is worth looking beyond the actions of Dr. Naseef’s staff. His is the best doctor I have ever known. He knows what he is doing and will not suggest any treatment that is not necessary. He listens to your concerns and sticks to the facts. He has performed spine surgery on myself and two of my family members. We could not be happier!


Normally I wouldn’t be bothered writing a review, but Dr. Naseef is worth it! I saw Dr. Naseef about 4 months after a MV accident. The MRI showed two herniated cervical discs and severe cord compression at one level. As such, surgery was indicated. After receiving several opinions (Dr. Naseef was my first) I decided to remain with him because he was the only one willing to be so conservative with me first. Because I was so young (29), he was reluctant to operate, but eventually had no choice. He worked very closely with my physical therapist throughout the course of my care to determine what was in my best interest. He exhausted all conservative options before finally operating. Over the course of 8 months, I was consistently impressed by how much time he always took to address my questions and concerns. I never felt rushed and he always explained things to me in ways that I could actually understand. He also has a good sense of humor which is refreshing! I found him to be very confident and competent, yet very humble. I was terrified of having this surgery, but Dr. Naseef completely put me at ease. He took a substantial amount of time in my pre-op meeting to address all of my questions and ensure that I felt comfortable with everything that was going to happen. On the day of the actual surgery his bedside manner was impeccable. He even came to the hospital the day after, a Sunday, and the day after a hurricane no less. Dr. Naseef is an amazing diagnostician and surgeon. I would never allow anyone but him to operate on me after the experience I’ve had. I can’t really imagine anyone else being able to make me feel as comfortable with my life. He is definitely someone who you can trust I truly believe he only operates if he believes he is doing the right thing. I would highly recommend that anyone see him. I am almost two months post-op and feel great! I feel very grateful to him for giving me my quality of life back!

Best Spinal Surgeon!!

I needed lumbar spine surgery a couple of years ago and Dr. Naseef was my surgeon. Throughout the whole process of office visits to assess my problem and the actual surgery, I have no complaints. I can’t say enough about how he helped me with his skill and caring. My first visit, I could hardly walk. Approx. a week after surgery, I was feeling like my old self again. Not too many doctors out there that will give you such personal and caring attention as Dr. Naseef.

Five Stars

I’ve seen other orthopedic spinal surgeons and not even those with the highest ratings have come close to Dr. Naseef. I required extensive corrective surgery to my lumbar spine and had been told by other doctors that the surgery I required was in the top 3 most difficult orthopedic surgeries performed today. They scared the life out of me. Dr. Naseef agreed with their assessments but took the time to get to know me, to address my fears, to explain exactly what had to be done and how he was going to do it, in a manner I could understand and feel confident about. His care and concern before, during and after my surgery is unparalleled. Due to a fall following my surgery, I required another surgery and returned to Dr. Naseef to have it done. Again, he did an exceptional job in bringing me back to health. I’ve referred other to him and everyone thinks he’s exceptional, as do I.

Flat out Saved my life!!!

I don’t really remember meeting Dr. Naseef. I was near death with a epidural abscess that was misdiagnosed in another hospital. I was rushed to Morristown Memorial for a emergency surgery, within 10 hours Dr. Naseef and his partners went in blind and did a perfect, lifesaving operation. I need some hardware put on my spine in my neck. I wouldn’t let anyone else do the job. Dr. Naseef talks to you so you understand him, he has a sense of humor. But most of all he is very particular. I am going for my third set of x-rays on my neck, i guess he needs to see where is the best place for the hardware. Hopefully I can write another success story in a few months. While in the hospital in the beginning, doctors would ask who did your surgery? I wasn’t sure at first. They would look in my chart and everyone that saw Dr. Naseef’s name said ” you couldn’t be in better hands” so I have to say the same thing, he will get it done.

So thorough and clear with his diagnoses!

I had a microdiscectomy and hemilaminectomy in 2016. Two days later I landed up in the hospital with a flare up at the same spot. All post-op tests and MRIs came back negative and the surgeon who operated on me at the time asked me to give it time to heal. I have been in pain ever since and it has been a nightmare not having answers to my pain. Dr. Naseef was recommended to me by my general physician apart from my pain specialist and three other friends. I decided to meet him. He looked at my latest MRI images very carefully and thoroughly, and told me that there is a residual fragment of the herniated disc left from the last surgery that caused the flare ups post-op. Additionally, he told me that I have arthritis of the spine. I, finally, got answers and closure. He will be my spinal surgeon for all my spinal issues from now on. I can’t thank him enough for being so thorough and analytical in his approach. I’m, currently, undergoing physical therapy upon his advice. Excellent surgeon.

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