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If you’ve been living with chronic back pain for as long as you can remember, then you aren’t alone: It’s estimated that over 31 million Americans encounter back pain as a part of their everyday existence. And, while that translates to 264 million lost days of work every year, the biggest losses from back pain are often the ones that are difficult to quantify: like lost time with family members or the inability to participate in the activities that make our lives worth living.
The good news is that you no longer have to resign yourself to living with back pain. Diagnostic methods, conservative therapies, and spine surgery itself have come a long way in the last decade. Currently, the bulk of procedures that target back pain can be performed on an outpatient basis with the aid of an incision that is smaller than a quarter in diameter. That tiny incision may not sound impressive, but it has revolutionized the way in which patients experience spine surgery recovery. Namely, recovery is now shorter and sweeter with patients often being discharged from the hospital within 1-2 days after their procedures.

But, the true advantages of minimally invasive spine surgery are once again difficult to quantify. Minimally invasive spine surgery means getting back to your child’s little league game faster, being able to stand upright less pain, and returning to the things that you love, like tennis or gardening, ASAP.

At George S. Naseef’s medical practice, we pride ourselves on reconnecting you with the things that give your life meaning. If you’re ready to take the next steps, then use our online form to receive a call from one of our patient advocates. Need help immediately? Call our office directly at (855) 204-8284. Our patient advocates will be happy to walk you through any pressing concerns that you may have, like insurance verification questions, treatment details, and more. For collaborative, customizable, and cutting-edge spine care that can restore your health, take the first steps today!

Excellent Doctor: No BS

Dr. Naseef handled my issue with extreme competence. He wasted no time on B.S.; nor did he recommend unnecessary surgery. I would recommend him to friends and family anytime.

Best doctor I have ever known!

It is worth looking beyond the actions of Dr. Naseef’s staff. His is the best doctor I have ever known. He knows what he is doing and will not suggest any treatment that is not necessary. He listens to your concerns and sticks to the facts. He has performed spine surgery on myself and two of… Read more “Best doctor I have ever known!”


Normally I wouldn’t be bothered writing a review, but Dr. Naseef is worth it! I saw Dr. Naseef about 4 months after a MV accident. The MRI showed two herniated cervical discs and severe cord compression at one level. As such, surgery was indicated. After receiving several opinions (Dr. Naseef was my first) I decided to… Read more “Amazing!”

Best Spinal Surgeon!!

I needed lumbar spine surgery a couple of years ago and Dr. Naseef was my surgeon. Throughout the whole process of office visits to assess my problem and the actual surgery, I have no complaints. I can’t say enough about how he helped me with his skill and caring. My first visit, I could hardly walk.… Read more “Best Spinal Surgeon!!”

Five Stars

I’ve seen other orthopedic spinal surgeons and not even those with the highest ratings have come close to Dr. Naseef. I required extensive corrective surgery to my lumbar spine and had been told by other doctors that the surgery I required was in the top 3 most difficult orthopedic surgeries performed today. They scared the life… Read more “Five Stars”

Flat out Saved my life!!!

I don’t really remember meeting Dr. Naseef. I was near death with a epidural abscess that was misdiagnosed in another hospital. I was rushed to Morristown Memorial for a emergency surgery, within 10 hours Dr. Naseef and his partners went in blind and did a perfect, lifesaving operation. I need some hardware put on my… Read more “Flat out Saved my life!!!”

So thorough and clear with his diagnoses!

I had a microdiscectomy and hemilaminectomy in 2016. Two days later I landed up in the hospital with a flare up at the same spot. All post-op tests and MRIs came back negative and the surgeon who operated on me at the time asked me to give it time to heal. I have been in pain… Read more “So thorough and clear with his diagnoses!”